BC Goods & Grain Beginnings

The beginnings of BC Goods & Grain are rooted in my childhood. My father was a stone mason and seeing him create and restore beautiful sturctures day in and day out gave root to my desire to create with my hands. My mother always had a passion for the ceramic arts and made me some of the best Halloween costumes I can remeber.

After pursuing an Architecture Degree while simulatnously working in the Architectural Millwork, BC Goods & Grain started as a side hustle. In the Spring of 2021 I made the transition to full time Maker and haven't looked back.

Specializing in Custom Signage from other small business logos to the family sign that will hang in your home forever. I love the creative process from designing to making to seeing the finished project.

The support from you and my wonderful family helps me keep this Maker Dream alive.

Thank you for being here with me on my small business journey.


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